Bromeliad Care


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The Bromeliad has a growth cycle of approximately two years, they mature and bloom only once. One to two months after blooming, new plants will form around the base of the "mother" plant, these are called pups. The pups will then eventually mature and complete their blooming cycle. Light requirements: Bright indirect light, fluorescent office lighting, or a shaded patio are ideal. Direct sunlight is NOT recommended.
Watering: This is very important to succeeding with your Bromeliad! Remove your plant from its container and spray heavily until it is dripping wet from top to bottom. Drain for approximately an hour and place back in its container. You should water in this manner 2-3 times a week for indoor plants and 4-5 times a week for outdoor plants. If the leaf edges begin to curl, an overnight soaking (12-14 hours) may be required. This will rehydrate it more efficiently.
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