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Last Wednesday my husband ordered a dozen long stemmed roses for me, to celebrate our 25th Wedding anniversary. We live in Michigan, and decided to go to Nashville to celebrate, and we were staying at the downtown Hampton Inn. The roses were to be a surprise, and he got a recommendation from the Hampton Manager to use your services, and then arranged for one of the desk clerks (Jasmine) to take them to our room while we were out.

It all went beautifully, and I was surprised to tears when I saw them! Because the flowers were so beautiful, I felt really bad that I could only enjoy them a few days. My husband said he'd find a way to get them home. Of course I didn't think it was possible, but Charley said to leave it to him and he'd get them back. So Sunday Charley, positioned them in the back of our SUV, carefully surrounded by luggage, and made sure there was AC going to that area to keep them cool. 

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